Remote Monitoring & Control

When added to your system, the Envirocycle® EnviroSentry™ Remote Monitoring and Control Unit guards your system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The EnviroSentry™ system will alert your local Envirocycle® Certified Repair Technician with information that will allow them to pinpoint the reason for the alarm. This exclusive Envirocycle®-only wireless EnviroSentry™ system not only can monitor critical functions of the unit in real time, but potential problems can be discovered and fixed before a problem even occurs.

Envirocycle® Group and its global partners have joined forces to create EnviroSentry™, the world’s best Internet-based monitoring and reporting system for Envirocycle® brand wastewater treatment products. Nearly two decades of research and development by Envirocycle® product engineers and integrators have created the wireless EnviroSentry™ Remote Monitoring and Control Unit specifically for use with Envirocycle® brand products.

The EnviroSentry™ RMCU gives Envirocycle®, its customers, service partners, and regulatory authorities unprecedented monitoring, service tracking, and control of Envirocycle® advanced wastewater treatment products.

EnviroSentry™ is a Web-based service that enables oversight and management of onsite wastewater treatment systems with the participation of customers, service providers, and those who need assurance of proper system operation.

The EnviroSentry™ management concept is modeled on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered Wastewater Systems, which recommends practices for Responsible Management Entities (RMEs).

How EnviroSentry™ Works

When a service provider signs the contract to maintain a customer’s Envirocycle® system, information about the system — location, contact information, and components is entered into the EnviroSentry™ Internet based system. After every inspection or service call, service providers visit the EnviroSentry™ portal to record the components that were inspected or serviced.

Health officials can look over individual records or generate reports summarizing system repairs. They can see when a homeowner’s contract with a service provider has lapsed, and the system can issue reminders.


  • 24/7 real-time system monitoring.
  • Envirocycle® owners can access system data online.
  • Envirocycle® Certified Resellers-Installers use EnviroSentry™ as a business management tool for efficient record-keeping, scheduling, and routing.
  • Regulators can identify performance patterns such as those associated with a geographic area.
  • Corporations with many locations, such as retail or restaurant chains, can use EnviroSentry™ to manage their inventory of onsite wastewater systems.
  • Lending institutions that make or subsidize loans for septic system improvement can use EnviroSentry™ to ensure that the systems they invest in are being properly operated.

Remote Monitoring & Control