Superior Performance

Real-world analysis of treated water samples from Envirocycle® treatment systems installed at actual homes and businesses proves that Envirocycle® advanced wastewater treatment products perform as engineered– and perform consistently and effectively over many many years.

The real-world testing involved taking samples over a 6-year period1, with over 72 sampling events from nearly two dozen real-world homes and businesses, and with over 317 individual tests. Lab tests demonstrate, to a 95% confidence level, that Envirocycle® advanced wastewater treatment systems work even better than advertised and claimed based on the real-world Envirocycle® water samples collected and the data that was recorded by California Certified Analytical Laboratories using US EPA Methods and Standards. In fact, the data proves that Envirocycle® products treat residential household wastewater to a quality that is nearly twice as clean as is recommended by the leading national standard.

Unlike a laboratory demonstration that evaluates only a single system for just six months in very controlled and unrealistic conditions, real-world testing methods like the kind Envirocycle® uses are more rigorous, more demanding, less forgiving, and provide a truer indication of long-term system service, durability, and treatment performance of the Envirocycle® products than any controlled testing in a laboratory can provide.2

All Envirocycle® advanced wastewater treatment products are manufactured in the USA from chemically resistant and

UV stabilized isophthalic polyester resin that is bonded with heavyweight woven fiberglass matte and glass fibers using a patent-pending structual design to create an outer shell that is puncture resistant, watertight, crush and crack proof, and extremely strong yet very lighweight.

State-of-the-art fiberglass manufacturing processes, statistical process quality control, and computer-aided engineering failure analysis are combined to ensure that Envirocycle® units can withstand a Top Load of over 500 lbs/ft2 and a Lateral Load of 63 lbs/ft3 with a 3-5x safety factor. These quality assurance programs together with full physical hydrostatic pressure testing of every Envirocycle® system ensures that every system is 100% watertight for over 8 hours before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

Other Envirocycle® structural and non-structural components are manufactured from the same high strength isophthalic polyester resin reinforced with chopped fiberglass filament. All components are chemically bonded using materials of compatible molecular composition to form a single mechanically solid unit.

Unique to the Envirocycle® system treatment train engineering is the easy interchangability of the two basic mechanical components of the Envirocycle® unit: the water pump and air pump. Envirocycle® works with up to four vendors of these items to ensure that at any given time, we have sources that are ready and able to supply these items whenever necessary.

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